You Demand We Supply

DM LINK General Trading Inc. is a global sourcing and trade facilitating firm located in Ontario, Canada. We serve as a trading company in international trade dealing in import and exports of various commodities like Reinforced steel bars, Industrial Plastic (raw material & scrap), different types of metal scraps, aluminium scrap, cooking charcoal & thermal charcoal. We also import agricultural products on a large scale, and we are proud to offer them at the most competitive prices in the market.

We differentiate ourselves by committing to long-term business relationships and the application of innovative trading solutions. By combining our regional market knowledge with global logistics we have earned a reputation for reliably acquiring, marketing and moving commodities from areas of surplus to those with greatest demand.

While DM LINK remains a physical trader at heart, we have strategically invested in upstream, midstream and downstream assets to create a platform for international expansion. Our investments provide greater control over commodity sourcing and distribution, create a foundation for diversified income streams, and give us a significant competitive advantage in the worldwide marketplace. We have always prioritized to serve our clients and their consumers.

SRAM & MRAM GROUP appoints DM LINK GENERAL TRADING as their Global Strategic Partner

DM LINK General Trading is a Global Business Development and Strategic Marketing Partner for world’s largest gloves OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) SRAM-MRAM GROUP Brand “Walletz4u" worldwide.
In a move that could see paradigm shifts in the way Gloves will be marketed and distributed across the globe, DM LINK GENERAL TRADING company has inked with SRAM & MRAM GROUP, one of the world's leading PPE solutions providers since the onslaught of the pandemic in 2019. A global conglomerate headquartered in the United Kingdom with operations spanning the continents, SRAM & MRAM GROUP has developed a strong footprints around the globe 12 factories across Malaysia, Vietnam and host of other Asian countries. Within the next 6 month the group plans to setup another 40 factories producing POE products under the flagship brand name of Walletz4u.